Naming Scenes

So, to lead myself through the endless quagmire that is Making-A-Sensible-Plot-Out-Of-All-My-Ideas, I've created a Master Excel file. In it, each scene has a name, along with a word count, plot summary, and notes on possible revisions.

One of the fun parts is trying to think of names for the scenes: names that are evocative enough that I can just read quickly through the list and recall the plot. Some I've come up with so far:

  • Father, I Have Sinned
  • Desperately Seeking Koko
  • Save My Child!
  • Can I Trust You?
  • Whir, Whir, Whir, Whir, Splat!


Leigh Anne said...

I'm so intrigued! Especially about the last one!!! :)

Becky said...

Okay, without changing anything, you could make those titles the titles of books in some tawdry young-adult series. I'd read them.