Hundredth, and Final, Post

Ok, I confess, that was a bit of a tease. Yes, it is the hundredth post. And it is sort of the final one. Because for post 101, I'll be moving this blog over to my new website, Because, let's face it: What was I thinking?

But in the meantime, I'm going to swipe an idea from my pal Kelly and use this hundredth post to solicit questions from the audience. Anything you want to ask me about, I'll do my best to answer in the next post. Questions about writing welcome, questions about anything else welcome as well. I sort of doubt I have many lurkers, except maybe my Dad, but if I do, this would be a great time to delurk!

See you on the flip side,



Kelly said...

Where do you see yourself in two years? five years? ten years?

Leigh Anne said...

Looking forward to the new site!
I want to know where Kate was today that she was on ESPN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leigh Anne said...

She just answered! Do I get another?? Oh crap that is another question already. Okay, I am going to ask another and see if you answer. What is the one book I should read next? (other than yours!!)