Character of the Day

It's time for another character from the Deck of Many Things.

Virtue: Crafty

Flaw: Insipid

Dude, what is the deal here? Last time I pulled Skilled/Incompetent? And this time it's Crafty/Insipid?

Not to be deterred, I soldier on.

Jamie Lynn Jameson

Sixteen-year-old blonde bombshell and pageant queen. Loves kittens, curling irons, and unicorn stickers. Extremely good at manipulating pageant politics to the detriment of other contestants.

Major Mannerism: Keeping the pageant world spinning with intrigue. Although Jamie Lynn does not appear to be a particularly influential member of this social circle, she uses small comments and subtle hints to manipulate all the friendships and alliances of the other pageant participants. She has currently divided them into two major camps, and while they expend their efforts on trying to sabotage one another, she is able to soar to victory unnoticed.


Kelly said...

I want to read more about her! I am intrigued ;) I imagine her with a deep southern drawl...