The Good Old Days

Becky over at Suburban Matron had a clever post today about "dating herself" -- a sort of "remember when" montage about how things used to be. I've decided to copy her shamelessly, so here's how old I am:

  • I used to do research in the World Book encyclopedia.
  • As children, my best friend and I couldn't bring videos to one another's houses. I had VHS, she had Betamax.
  • I remember when it was called "Japanimation."
  • In ninth grade I had a huge crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. In his role as troubled teen Luke Brower on Growing Pains.
And lastly:
  • I can remember when you could pick up any remote control and operate it with no prior tutelage.


Kelly said...

Amen about the remote! It took me forever to figure out how to even turn our TV on! We used to have four remotes and thankfully Linc got us a universal one. It even has a tutorial right there on the clicker in case you push "on" and something doesn't work!

Becky said...

I totally used to use the World Book Encyclopedia for all things informational.

And here is how uncool I am, I guess: I thought it was still called "Japanimation."