A Very Leftover Thanksgiving

So Mark and I were on our own for Thanksgiving. We had a turkey breast in the freezer that we planned to cook up for a small Thanksgiving meal, until Mark made this comment:

"Why don't we skip the meal and just go right to the leftovers?"

It was brilliant. While we both enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, in our minds it is primarily a vehicle for acquiring a large quantity of leftover turkey with which to make sandwiches over the following week. So this year we bucked tradition, and as soon as Mark had carved that breast, the pieces were immediately designated "leftovers."

My best leftover turkey sandwich tip is one I learned from Friends. Soak a piece of bread in gravy, then put that in the middle of the sandwich. This gives you a nice juicy sandwich without letting any gravy seep out of the sides or, worse, soak through the bottom. Just be sure to use a piece of bread slightly smaller that what you're using for the sandwich itself. I used a drinking glass to punch out rounds that were slightly smaller than the hamburger buns I was building sandwiches on. A perfect fit!


Becky said...

That is a great idea! Sadly, our leftovers didn't last very long.